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High-quality software solutions guaranteed, with our proficient Testing and Quality Assurance services! software engineering processes to ensure quality results in software products and services.

Software Quality Assurance

Testing @ ETS

SQA, or Software Quality Assurance, is a set of activities carried out in software engineering processes to ensure quality results in software products and services. It is an ongoing process in the SDLC, to keep a routine check on software development and maintenance processes, in order to meet the required product specification.

We at EON Tech Soft, work with a methodical approach for Testing apps. The highly skilled and talented team of Testers here, are thoroughly acquainted with the latest technologies in the industry. Further, they ensure a process-driven approach that largely accelerates the development speed and boosts product optimization.

With our accelerating business agility and increasing reliance on digital, companies are being driven to rethink and renovate their testing approach. The ability to flaunt high-quality applications, with the intent of a seamless customer experience and their brand strength will be the fundamental differentiator between the companies that evolve and the ones that do not.

We, at EON Tech Soft, help companies in transforming their test plans into a continuous and a more effective end-to-end quality engineering function. This helps EON in shaping a digital future, and emerging as a testing veteran in the industry.

EON offers various types of testing services for automation and performance that include: User Acceptance Testing or UAT, Regression Testing, Black Box Testing and Load Testing. As a part of the Black-Box Testing, we also offer services for Functional Testing that builds its test cases on the software’s specifications being tested. We also provide Mobile Testing services for iOS and Android.

With the testing services market to grow at a rate of 15% annually by the year 2017, there will be an increasing dependency on digital with the growing data volumes and accelerating business agility

With our QA consulting and testing services, we aim to ensure that the total-time-to-market is reduced, the software warranty cost is decreased, and effective defect prevention prompts significant cost reduction.Therefore, we help you accomplish efficiency gains in your business value with continual innovation and advancement of our testing automation process.

Terms and Conditions

  • All prices are in INR exclusive of Any Taxes if applicable.
  • Taxes are subject to change as per government policies & will be applicable accordingly.
  • Delivery period 2 days from the date of confirm P.O.
  • Recurring Payment: Need to be paid on Quarterly basis and in Advance.
  • Billing shall start from the date of power-on of hardware/Software infrastructure.
  • Installation and configuration of operating system as per PO.
  • Payments are due from date of receipt of invoice & payable within (10) days of date of invoice.
  • Mgmt. of both database & application will be taken care by client along with licenses.
  • Client will be responsible for performing application installation/implementation including.
  • Please release payment in the name of “EON TECHSOFT PRIVATE LIMITED”.


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