SQL Services

EON Tech-Soft's Web Services offers you the flexibility to run Microsoft SQL Server for as much or as little time as you need. You can select from a number of versions and editions, as well as choose between running it on Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) or Relational Database Service
Database Management Services ensure 24×7 availability and performance of your business critical databases. Our experts can continuously monitor, manage and ensure optimal performance of the database environment and function as an extended arm of your organization.

SQL Services

SQL Services with EON

EON Tech-Soft's team has access to the latest tools and technologies in the market. Develop a coherent vision of your business operations with EON Tech-Soft’s exceptional SQL services. Our services include:

EON Tech-Soft's Core Database Administrative services and solutions can help you and your business leverage benefits in terms of:

Database Health Checks
General support and maintenance
Upgrades and migrations
Database tools and utilities
Database implementation and configuration
DW Database support and maintenance
Database Administration

EON Tech-Soft's also specializes in Data Management Services. We help our clients’ businesses in enhancing their business operational efficiency via cost reduction and minimalizing risks, with its very efficient data management services and solutions.

Data Governance
Master Data Management
Meta Data Management
Data Quality Management
Data Acquisition and Integration
Test Data Management
Data Archival
Data Migrations

By leveraging our expertise on Windows Presentation Framework (WPF), our customers succeed in getting apps with rich and interactive UIs. EON Tech-Soft's lets you utilize the potential of WPF across the following:

Core Database high-end services competency development
Application and database Sync
Business continuity
Database and application performance tuning
Disaster recovery
Backup and recovery

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